Araṅgeṭṭram Challenge

Create a stunning "30-second Ramayana experience in digital 4K"


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About the contest

The main objective of this contest is to identify talented teams that can create a “WOW” experience with "AUTHENTIC" heritage content.


Our Heritage has always been a source of enduring inspiration for moviemakers and performing artists. The rich Indic epics, dance dramas, plays, philosophy and the imagery in them have inspired several immemorable performances. Heritage experiences have been brought to the masses by digital and physical means. While puppetry, theatre and street plays are classical multimedia forms of experiencing content; movies, cartoons, reels, and shorts are heavily consumed digital media today. The advent of technology like AR/VR/3D/4D/5D/holography et al has led to the emergence of hybrid content forms. While content creation was confined in the past to those with access to studios and high-tech equipment, those barriers stand broken today and the youth have taken to professional-quality content creation in huge numbers, with consumer electronic devices. In such a scenario, this challenge hopes to give a fillip to the creation of original and authentic digital content around Indic Heritage. While the standards of content creation are quite high in India, the ability to marry it with authentic Indic sensibilities, aesthetics and heritage has quite often been found to be lacking.  Hence this challenge seeks to incentivize state-of-the-art experience design with an equally strong focus on heritage sensibilities.

Rules of the contest

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Best entry using Open Source tools 

Most Authentic recreation

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