Kousik Sarathy Sridharan

Neurotechnology and instrumentation for Yoga, Neuroelectric & neurovascular changes in nervous systems through Yoga

Manish Singh

Summarization and NLP for heritage text

Mohan Raghavan

Head - HST

Computational Neuroscience, Spinal Cord and Movement, Yoga, Heritage data and analytics

Ramakrishna Upadrasta

Compilers, Language translations, Paninian Grammar, Samskritam, Indian Knowledge Systems

Shiva Ji

Heritage reconstruction, photogrammetry, AR/VR for heritage

Suhail Mohd. Rizvi

Physiological control systems, Acoustics of musical instruments, Ancient Indian mathematics

Surendra Nadh Somala

Structural Engineering and Seismic resilience in Indian architecture

** The full list including the Adjunct Professors to be updated soon

Student Volunteers: Yash Khasbage, S Pradyumna , K Mahathi, GK Vaibhavi, G Renuka, Tejash Agrahari