Mechanical and Acoustic analysis of musical instruments

Understand connection between Structure of instruments, Mechanics of sound production and resultant acoustics



Convert pieces of maps into 3D models

Integration of Geospatial and Building Information

Heritage Biomaterials
Integrated medicinal systems 

Characterization of biomaterials used in Heritage context

Properties of Medicinal Herbs

Computational Social Sciences

Mathematical analysis of Indic Society, Life and Culture


Information retrieval & Data mining on Heritage text corpus 

Create Indic knowledge system (IKS) datasets

 Information Retrieval, Data mining, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for IKS

Systems and applications

Hands on Heritage experience and visualization

Gamification of Heritage Structures and associated knowledge

On-site visualization 

Digital Yoga Studio

Yoga Studios with video calling solutions

Biomedical sensing

Computer Vision cameras


Digital Heritage Documentation and Reconstruction

Digital documentation of heritage structures 

Digital Reconstruction 

Structural Health Monitoring

AI / ML based algorithms and tools for monitoring structural defects

Drone video processing

Automated tools for defect documentation and monitoring

AI for sculpture

AI / ML for understanding sculpture

Build sculpture datasets 

Understand posture, provenance and paraphernalia in light of history and Agama shastra

Heritage Clay Structures

Understanding structural properties of Heritage Structures 

Chemistry for Archaeology 

Chemical Analysis of Archaeological specimens

Neuro-biomechanics of Yoga and performing arts

Measurement, Characterisation of movement in Yoga and Dance

Neuromuscular physiology, cardiac and respiratory correlates of exercise

Exploration of Panchadhatu /

Understanding the compositions and combinations behind ancient Indian Metallurgy for modern age application

Foundational concepts in Indian Knowledge Systems  

Connecting the foundational concepts of Indian Grammatical traditions, Phonetics, Etymology with relevant contemporary disciplines