Tvaṣṭā Challenge

3D-print the Ramappa Temple - UNESCO World Heritage site


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About the contest

The main objective of this contest is to identify talented teams that can create a high-quality 3D print that conforms to a given specification. 


Until now, the creation of precision-manufactured products required expensive machinery, significant expertise and operational training. This posed a barrier, preventing many good ideas from ever being built (even to a prototype stage), as most people lacked the skills and financial resources to design, let alone manufacture or distribute, a product. However, in the last decade these traditional barriers have been stripped away, thanks to the percolating DIY (do-it-yourself) culture, aided by technologies like 3D printing-based manufacturing. These elements now allow almost anyone to become a manufacturer or contribute to the manufacturing process. Such decentralisation can be spread across geographies and communities. These technologies are very important in various industries like Automotive, Aerospace and Heritage industry. Here we set this contest against the backdrop of Heritage memorabilia.

Final Evaluation

 Award categories

Best team entry - overall 

Best print quality

Most compatible model 

Organising team